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Purpose and Target


The Obata Foundation ISF/KTRR/ABK? Newsletter is an online and print publication with the focus on publishing stories from the world headquarters dojo (Honbu) as well as from students around the world. The newsletter is offered online as a free publication to benefit and enrich the knowledge of students as well as general public.


The articles may range from accounts of seminars, demonstrations, and other special events to personal experiences and thoughts on the martial arts and Japanese culture.  Updates to the federation may also be announced on this publication.


Newsletter Content

The newsletter is open to all articles related to Shinkendo, Aikibujutsu, Toyama Ryu, and other arts taught by Obata Toshishiro Kaiso.  Examples of allowed articles are:

·         News updates around the federation

·         Announcements from Obata Kaiso

·         Personal accounts of seminars and events

·         Accounts of demonstrations held around the world

·         Sharing of personal experiences from both new and old students alike

·         Humorous stories, poetry, and photos

·         Instructors thoughts on the continued improvement and evolution of Shinkendo and the instruction of martial arts in general



·         Articles and photos from students and instructors from branches all over the world

·         Articles and photos from Obata Kaiso and the Obata Family