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Demonstration Project

The demonstration project allows for the Obata Foundation to provide demonstrations for events as well as school and corporate functions.   The purpose of this project is to expand and enrich the public knowledge of Shinkendo through demonstrations and public performances.  The demonstrations can also be used to promote Shinkendo in general, the Obata foundation, and local Shinkendo schools.

The actual function of the Foundation will primarily be to coordinate communication between requestor and the demonstrator.  The coordination of an event can be done at individual school levels, through the Honbu Dojo or through the foundation.  The person coordinating the event should be affiliated with the Foundation or the Federation.  The person most familiar with the event or requestor should act as the coordinator for the demonstration though the responsibility may be passed to a person more familiar with the process.  The coordinator of any demonstrations should take photos or have photos taken to record the event and also write a brief report for the newsletter.

The demonstrations can be done for donations, free or any amount worked out between the requestor and demonstrator.  All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.   Please contact a foundation member for more details related to the demonstration project.

These are the following documents are in association with the project:

-  Information for coordinator – An outline of the information needed to set up a demonstration as well as basic guide lines to  coordinate event.

-  Information to demonstrator – An outline on the actual contents of a demonstration.

- Pamphlet – A Shinkendo Pamphlet that briefly introduces Shinkendo.

*  Can be given to demonstration requestor

*  Can be handed out during demonstrations

* Can be used as general school flyers