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About Us

The Obata Foundation was created to promote the art of traditional Japanese swordsmanship, Shinkendo. 


  • Promote education of the art of Shinkendo through visual, written and performance programs as well as through published written and internet support.
  • Provide and disseminate related information as it pertains to Shinkendo as a martial arts resource.
  • Provide and host networking events for interested persons, athletes and members through annual and other conferences, meets and events. 
  • Sponsor demonstration and performance events and exhibitions.
  • Establish a performance center.
  • Provide fiscal sponsor services for skilled teachers who many not have 501c3 designation, allowing them to seek grant funding.
  • Provide advocacy as it relates to the martial arts
  • Provide recognition for those persons skilled in the art of Shinkendo or for those who have achieved exceptional levels of milestones in their martial arts careers.